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The Asfory stars

The Asfory stars are an indication of both the popularity and quality of web sites. We measure popularity based on how many other good web sites link to this site, and an estimate of how much user traffic the site gets. We also take into consideration the feedback that we get from you and we randomly track which sites get clicked to more often from our site.

The quality component is subjectively done by us and a review panel of experienced internet users whose opinion we trust. Our criteria for high quality sites are originality of content (i.e. content that they spent effort creating rather than copying as is from some where else), helpfulness and ease of use. Having lots of flashy graphics and dandasha does not mean a web site will get a high score, on the contrary that might hurt the score since it affects the ease of use of that site (e.g. look at site design for Yahoo, it is very simple and to the point to help users get where they need to go).

How to read the stars?

5 stars 5 means that a given web site is the best.

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